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By Joe a hopeful apprentice:



Gather round my friends and family I will tell you a story, about a little company called Wish Training. Its is a small company that specialises in getting you into an apprenticeship in your required field, mainly Customer Service, Administration.

When I first came here I was really nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. When I was sitting there swirling on my chair, I looked up and a man walked in really loud shouted quite a bit, he introduced himself as Chris our tutor, he then asked us all to print our cv’s out and hand them to him. So we did.

And you know what he did he slagged them off and threw them in the bin the cheek of it! So we had to start from scratch.

I remember thinking I’m not going to last here but as the day went on and getting advice from Chris, well I think he calls it advice more or less he just was being Chris. I got more confident writing my cv. I learnt how to write my personal statement in third person and to not use the boring same phrases for myself, how to lay it out the proper way and how to make it only two pages.

I then learnt how to write a cover letter and interview techniques. Chris gave us a better understanding on how to use Microsoft Excel and how to use Word.

Having gained more confidence since being here I would recommend it to any person who wants to gain new skills and meet a lovely bunch of people.

The staff are very welcoming and friendly and Chris is a big softy at heart, and you meet people on this course your age and make some good friends. So if you want to get out the house for a few hours a week, gain new skills and get a job at the end of it come and apply at Wish Training you won’t be disappointed.