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I have found my time at Wish Training to be invaluable. After an extended and frustrating period of unemployment; visiting the job centre, speaking to advisors and participating in training programmes it never felt as though any progress was being made. It seemed as though everyone was just repeating the same vague notions of what it means to be employable without any actual practical help or real world advice. The advisors at Wish were just the opposite of this and took my own professional and personal interests in to consideration while demonstrating and teaching me the skills required to enter my preferred field. Within the first day I had taken my mediocre and unoriginal CV and rewritten it to a standard that I was genuinely proud of. Within 2 days I had an interview scheduled which they themselves had arranged for me and I was one of only 2 people to go for, the other being someone else on my course.   

















Dean,   Potential Apprentice 

Dean is now employed full time and completing his Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship.