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As a soon to be apprentice this Admin course has helped me to understand the CV’s and covering letters that I had never known before . This course has also taught me a good understanding in Excel.  The tutor is a nice straight forward, approachable person with a hint of humour. The tutor is very intent on finding you employment which is satisfying for a student looking for work.

From Lewis 

The time I’ve had at Wish has been good, so I think yours would be to. I have found out how important it is to have a CV, and also how to use Excel and word, mail merge was good fun to learn because it makes it easier to write letters. What I learned about Excel was good as well because I never knew how easy it was for it to add things up to save all the hard work probably isn’t for everyone but if you want challenges then I think you should try Wish Training, it tests you to the best of your knowledge and makes you rack your brains but then if you don’t mind pressure then Wish is the place for you.


Have you thought of trying something new? Then try the course at Wish Training in admin or customer service.  For the short time I have been here I have gained an understanding of why it’s important for a CV to be up to employers expectations through the layout and information provided. I have improved my skills in using Microsoft platforms including Excel and through this have found new and exciting functions that make life easier for you in a work environment.  A couple of key and interesting techniques I have so far learned is the mail merge technique and functions like the Auto Sum feature that can do calculations for certain cell referencing, with this information you can then turn the data into professional looking graphs.  



 My time at Wish Training has been very invaluable

  • A great and enjoyable experience

  • Saved me time and going to jobcentre

  • I have realised  how important a cv and a covering letter are for a job

  • I have realised how important  the interview techniques are for jobs

  • I have learned to share my opinions with others

  • I have learned to use auto sum feature and graphs in Excel and mail merge in Word

  • The staff have been very supportive 

The time I have spent with Wish Training has been helpful; to me in the terms of work and helping me get into work. Before I started with Wish I did not know much about work or how to make out a standard CV or other skills needed for a job. I have worked with Wish now for 2 weeks and I am delighted with the work that has been carried out by myself and the staff, I've have also learned how to use Excel and Word.